Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NaNoWriMo Complete!

Thank God! Finished with NaNoWriMo - submitted my book this morning, collected my certificate, made my donation to the future of high school writers, went for a walk, and now … I’m going to the library to find a good book to READ!

During this month of literary abandon, I avoided weight gain, mass, confession, superfluous whining, superfluous shopping, CBS Sunday Morning, 3 square meals a day for myself and family, good manners, and civility.

I did manage to get my hair cut and highlighted (I’m not completely without compassion for those who have to look at me.)

I will do my best to get to mass this weekend, I will re-engage with my family, I will prepare edible meals, I will be patient with my dog, I will become Christoph vigilant!

And now - to the library! Hooray!!!!!!!!

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